Switching to Static Site Generation

Hello? It’s been quiet here for a while, again. I keep busy and needless to say, don’t get around to writing about all the things I’ve been working on. Like I’d like to do! In the last year, I’ve been fortunate to start a new software job which has also freed me up to playing with new environments and experiences. I’ve also been making larger pushes to contribute to the open source world; specifically the FW/1 ecosystem with the FW/1 Console CommandBox module; formerly FW/1 Commands. Read More

Changing the Location of the ColdFusion 2016 Webroot

Alrighty. First blog post of the year (and for a while). Better late than never right? So Adobe have slipped their newest version of ColdFusion, ColdFusion 2016, into the wild. My opinion of it is kind of meh. After participating in the pre-release, I’ve realized there’s really nothing in it for me that would make me switch. I have one client on ColdFusion 11 and if I was to move them any which way in the CFML world, it’d probably be in the direction of Lucee; which is what all of my other projects use. Read More

A Brief Look at the Rewrite Valve in Tomcat 8

Recently I learned that Tomcat 8 has its own built in approach to handling URL rewriting to achieve things like SES (pretty) URLs. Personally I do URL rewrites from Nginx, as it’s the forward facing web server and proxy to all of my Lucee apps that live in Tomcat; but, for the sake of learning, I wanted to take a look at what it had to offer. Setting it up… Reading through the Tomcat 8 Rewrite Docs, I was delighted to see that they use a similar approach to syntax as Apache’s Mod_Rewrite so the learning curve of writing actual rewrites is minimal to anyone who’s worked with Apache in the past. Read More

Leave Your Tags at the Door: Some CFML Tag to Script Documentation

So after 2 weeks or so of churning away in my free time, I’ve gone and written some documentation. Of what you say? Well, I made an attempt to write some bits on converting CFML tag-based code to CFScript. It’s nothing fancy. More of a “example A, example B” kinda layout where one chunk is in tags and the other is in script. Back at the beginning of firing this up, I was doing a handful of refactoring legacy code. Read More

Exposing Private Fields in Jsoup's Whitelist Class with Reflection

In recent days I’ve been trying to knock out some answers to questions on Stack Overflow. I’ve actually been pretty successful in helping some people out, so I’m happy about that. Two of the questions I ended up answering were in regards to using ColdFusion with Jsoup, a Java based Document Parser, and it’s Whitelist class in some strange different ways. By that I mean they wanted to gain access to data that isn’t freely exposed; and in most cases, I feel you really don’t need it to be. Read More

Repeating Watermark with ColdFusion & Java

Let’s make some watermarks with Java. This one’s been in the backlog of my mind for a good while now. It’s really a one situation tool, but it was cool as hell to dig into and figure out how to do it. I had to apply a watermark on a pretty large sum of images. ColdFusion makes this fairly easy. In the given scenario though, it wasn’t just a watermark; but a repeating watermark on a 45 degree. Read More

Preserving Order With Java's LinkedHashMap Class

The other night I ran into an issue with preserving order of keys and values being added to some ColdFusion structures. As it would be, structures in CFML don’t preserve data in any consistent order. It’s honestly something I’ve known about, but none the less, something that’s never given me hassle. With that faintly in the back of my mind, I did not accept it as such initially as when I wrote my code and ran it in ColdFusion 11, everything appeared in order (probably not the best route of thinking). Read More

Freak FW/1 & DI/1 Bean Not Found Debugging Issue / Solution

So earlier today I was working on the back end for this blog; which runs on FW/1 and DI/1. I ran into an issue that set me back for a hot minute; mostly because the error was quite vague in regards and I also didn’t stress my debugging options as much as I could/should have (initially)! I was making updates to a service object handled by DI/1 for use in a controller and at one point, all of a sudden, the page using the service bombed on me consistently. Read More

Railo / Tomcat 8 Error & Solution For (A child container failed during start)

I noticed a few days ago that a new update for Apache Tomcat 8 was released (8.0.15). Today I decided to go ahead and update my server but ran into a minor hiccup when trying to access my websites tied to Railo. Usually, updating Tomcat 8 with one of it’s minors is pretty straight forward. Download the new version, unzip and swap out the JAR files in the “lib” folder and restart Railo/Tomcat. Read More

If Your Error Template For Railo Is error.cfm In Production, Change It!

Note: This applies for Lucee as well. So not too long ago Brad Wood had tweeted about changing Railo’s default error template from error.cfm to error-public.cfm. I wanted to take a moment and echo this again. For the sake of security, change it. This can easily be changed in the Railo Adminstrator by going to Settings -> Error. From there change General Error Template and Missing Template Error from error. Read More