My Experience At Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2013

So I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my first of two flights back to Florida to come in. I’m one of those people who has to be punctual as much as possible; and this was no difference. Punctual in my book means early. Sometimes real early. Most of the time. In doing so, I am now holding 2hrs before my flight arrives. But hey, that’s time to review the ColdFusion Summit of 2013 right? Read More

A Look At How I Structured My Blog With FW/1

Note: This post is outdated based on how FW/1 and my structuring practices have evolved. While there may be some take-away from the article, I don’t consider this a solid FW/1 structure anymore. It’s been a hot minute since I last posted anything. Today I wanted to touch more on how I use Framework One with my blog; since my last post - SES URLs In FW/1 with Routes and Apache Mod_Rewrite. Read More

SES URLs In FW/1 With Routes & Mod_Rewrite

After switching my site’s overall architecture from Mango Blog to Framework One, some readers have shown interest in what I’ve done to build certain aspects and areas of the site’s structure. First of all, that’s pretty cool to me that people are interested at all so I’m down for explaining what I can about what I have done so far (there’s a lot still pieced together). In coming posts with this one I’ll be breaking down certain areas of my FW/1 structure and the logic I run with. Read More

This Blog Is Now Home Grown

For what it’s worth, “Home Grown” might not be the best phrase but all in all I have switched off of Mango Blog and settled for a bundled application I whipped up over the last 2 weeks. When I first truly started this blog back in April, I had intentions to go with a custom concept; however, between lack of time and no direction with how I was going to put it out, I lost drive and let it go. Read More

Using MariaDB with Mango Blog

In one of my previous posts I went over connecting ColdFusion to MariaDB. This was my first hands on with MariaDB. Once I had things talking I went to test using MariaDB as the database to connect with Mango Blog. Initially, when switching, I was able to view the main pages - posts and the other content. I could log in to the admin as well; but upon trying to create a post or edit content, I would get a ColdFusion error regarding invalid MySQL syntax. Read More

Cleaner FW/1 Subsystem URL With Apache Mod_Rewrite

This is more of a reference for myself but if anyone is as bad as I am at URL rewriting (and regex for that matter) then this could be of some help. I use Apache for my dev and production so naturally when I’m looking to do SES URLs I’m digging into mod_rewrite. In the most general of uses, I usually go searching for examples that relate to my given scenario; which is pretty straight forward as far as what I’m trying to do. Read More

Quick and Dirty Calendar in ColdFusion

While looking through my collection of code snippets, test apps etc. I came across a very basic calendar app I built for a client a year or so ago. It makes use of ColdFusion for nitty gritty bits, like cycling through months/years, and jQuery / jQuery UI to display “event” info that can be dynamically displayed on a given date. The example code uses hardcoded event info but applying dynamic content from a database or object is quite easy and straight forward. Read More

Connecting ColdFusion to MariaDB

Today before work I figured I’d hook up ColdFusion with MariaDB for some future tests. I’ve heard good things regarding similarity to MySQL (since it’s a fork and all) and that the performance is better in some areas. As per the MariaDB site - “MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL”. More about it can be found on the about page. Getting things going was insanely simple which is always nice. Read More

Belated - How I Got Started in ColdFusion

Now that I have things up and running I’ve been looking back on previous drafts and ideas I started up once upon a time for blogging. One article that I did in fact put up on the site was my take on how I came into learning ColdFusion. This topic was passed around by CF devs on August 1st, 2011. Since then however, after many layout changes and mixed ideas of where the site was going, I took it down. Read More

Alright Let's Do This - Hello World!

It’s finally happened! I have a functioning blog haha. My name is Tony. Hi there! I’m a web developer living out of sunny Florida and over the years I have been quite fond of ColdFusion and web dev as a whole. While in recent times I’ve worked with other languages, CF still holds true to my heart as the first Server Side Language I learned and the main language I’ve used over the last 8 years. Read More