Belated - How I Got Started in ColdFusion

Now that I have things up and running I’ve been looking back on previous drafts and ideas I started up once upon a time for blogging. One article that I did in fact put up on the site was my take on how I came into learning ColdFusion. This topic was passed around by CF devs on August 1st, 2011. Since then however, after many layout changes and mixed ideas of where the site was going, I took it down. Read More

Alright Let's Do This - Hello World!

It’s finally happened! I have a functioning blog haha. My name is Tony. Hi there! I’m a web developer living out of sunny Florida and over the years I have been quite fond of ColdFusion and web dev as a whole. While in recent times I’ve worked with other languages, CF still holds true to my heart as the first Server Side Language I learned and the main language I’ve used over the last 8 years. Read More