SES URLs In FW/1 With Routes & Mod_Rewrite

After switching my site’s overall architecture from Mango Blog to Framework One, some readers have shown interest in what I’ve done to build certain aspects and areas of the site’s structure. First of all, that’s pretty cool to me that people are interested at all so I’m down for explaining what I can about what I have done so far (there’s a lot still pieced together). In coming posts with this one I’ll be breaking down certain areas of my FW/1 structure and the logic I run with. [Read More]

Cleaner FW/1 Subsystem URL With Apache Mod_Rewrite

This is more of a reference for myself but if anyone is as bad as I am at URL rewriting (and regex for that matter) then this could be of some help. I use Apache for my dev and production so naturally when I’m looking to do SES URLs I’m digging into mod_rewrite. In the most general of uses, I usually go searching for examples that relate to my given scenario; which is pretty straight forward as far as what I’m trying to do. [Read More]