FW/1 Alternative Application Structure

At Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2017, Masha Edelen presented her talk - Power Of Simplicity In FW/1. In her presentation, she mentioned setting up the application structure by including the actual framework code in the webroot; explaining that in order to move that code out, you would need a global server mapping. So I figured I’d go over FW/1’s “alternative application structure” and share how I like to implement it. [Read More]

FW/1 & QB Schema Builder

Not too long ago I wrote an article about working with FW/1 and QB; a query builder DSL written by Eric Peterson. In this post, I wanted to touch on a new feature and component released in the latest version of QB, Schema Builder, and how to make use of it in an FW/1 application. Schema Builder presents the ability to build out your database structure using the same awesome builder/chaining format as the Query Builder object. [Read More]

Parsing XML With jsoup In CFML

A Simple Example

At work, we’ve had some tasks lately to build out database schemas for populating rates tied to a given item and category. The rates themselves are in a PDF file. Much of the work has involved some form of manual entry or small copy/paste conversions into the build script. As it stands, these manual tasks can take anywhere from a day, to a day and a half, to complete. Not at all ideal. [Read More]

Using LogBox For Logging In FW/1

I’ve seen talk of FW/1 and LogBox integration come up a few times on the CFML Slack, so I figured I’d run through a way to get that set up in your application and start using it. What Is LogBox? LogBox is a standalone enterprise ColdFusion (CFML) logging library designed to give you flexibility, simplicity, and power when logging or tracing is needed in your applications. Based on Log4j, LogBox offers capabilities to log events and data in your application using various appenders such as writing to a file, database, and email formats. [Read More]

Working With FW/1 & QB

Steps to Integrate Using Subsystems

Today I wanted to go over a library that I think is pretty awesome and echoes capabilities found in many other modern languages: QB. QB is a query builder DSL written by Eric Peterson, who’s been putting out some really cool modular libraries for the CFML community. With QB, you can: Quickly scaffold simple queries Make complex, out-of-order queries possible Abstract away differences between database engines The syntax uses a builder pattern that makes writing queries more readable and easy to understand when glancing through code. [Read More]

Crash Course In CFML & jsoup

Over the years I’ve made repeatable use of the jsoup library so I figured it’d be nice to put out a little primer on using it with CFML. What Is jsoup? From the official site: jsoup is a Java library for working with real-world HTML. It provides a very convenient API for extracting and manipulating data, using the best of DOM, CSS, and jquery-like methods. jsoup is designed to deal with all varieties of HTML found in the wild; from pristine and validating, to invalid tag-soup; jsoup will create a sensible parse tree. [Read More]

Leave Your Tags at the Door: Some CFML Tag to Script Documentation

So after 2 weeks or so of churning away in my free time, I’ve gone and written some documentation. Of what you say? Well, I made an attempt to write some bits on converting CFML tag-based code to CFScript. It’s nothing fancy. More of a “example A, example B” kinda layout where one chunk is in tags and the other is in script. Back at the beginning of firing this up, I was doing a handful of refactoring legacy code. [Read More]

Exposing Private Fields in Jsoup's Whitelist Class with Reflection

In recent days I’ve been trying to knock out some answers to questions on Stack Overflow. I’ve actually been pretty successful in helping some people out, so I’m happy about that. Two of the questions I ended up answering were in regards to using ColdFusion with Jsoup, a Java based Document Parser, and it’s Whitelist class in some strange different ways. By that I mean they wanted to gain access to data that isn’t freely exposed; and in most cases, I feel you really don’t need it to be. [Read More]

Repeating Watermark with ColdFusion & Java

Let’s make some watermarks with Java. This one’s been in the backlog of my mind for a good while now. It’s really a one situation tool, but it was cool as hell to dig into and figure out how to do it. I had to apply a watermark on a pretty large sum of images. ColdFusion makes this fairly easy. In the given scenario though, it wasn’t just a watermark; but a repeating watermark on a 45 degree. [Read More]

Preserving Order With Java's LinkedHashMap Class

The other night I ran into an issue with preserving order of keys and values being added to some ColdFusion structures. As it would be, structures in CFML don’t preserve data in any consistent order. It’s honestly something I’ve known about, but none the less, something that’s never given me hassle. With that faintly in the back of my mind, I did not accept it as such initially as when I wrote my code and ran it in ColdFusion 11, everything appeared in order (probably not the best route of thinking). [Read More]