Migrating Legacy FW/1 Subsystems

Today I’m going to go over how to upgrade the modular capabilities of your crusty old (read: beautifully written) FW/1 application. While you may have been keeping the framework libraries up to date, perhaps you didn’t take the plunge and move your “legacy” architecture over. That’ll be our target. Note: If you’re still running on top of anything pre-v3.5, this will not apply to you; however, I highly recommend you upgrade to the latest and greatest. [Read More]

FW/1 Alternative Application Structure

At Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2017, Masha Edelen presented her talk - Power Of Simplicity In FW/1. In her presentation, she mentioned setting up the application structure by including the actual framework code in the webroot; explaining that in order to move that code out, you would need a global server mapping. So I figured I’d go over FW/1’s “alternative application structure” and share how I like to implement it. [Read More]

FW/1 & QB Schema Builder

Not too long ago I wrote an article about working with FW/1 and QB; a query builder DSL written by Eric Peterson. In this post, I wanted to touch on a new feature and component released in the latest version of QB, Schema Builder, and how to make use of it in an FW/1 application. Schema Builder presents the ability to build out your database structure using the same awesome builder/chaining format as the Query Builder object. [Read More]

Using LogBox For Logging In FW/1

I’ve seen talk of FW/1 and LogBox integration come up a few times on the CFML Slack, so I figured I’d run through a way to get that set up in your application and start using it. What Is LogBox? LogBox is a standalone enterprise ColdFusion (CFML) logging library designed to give you flexibility, simplicity, and power when logging or tracing is needed in your applications. Based on Log4j, LogBox offers capabilities to log events and data in your application using various appenders such as writing to a file, database, and email formats. [Read More]

Working With FW/1 & QB

Steps to Integrate Using Subsystems

Today I wanted to go over a library that I think is pretty awesome and echoes capabilities found in many other modern languages: QB. QB is a query builder DSL written by Eric Peterson, who’s been putting out some really cool modular libraries for the CFML community. With QB, you can: Quickly scaffold simple queries Make complex, out-of-order queries possible Abstract away differences between database engines The syntax uses a builder pattern that makes writing queries more readable and easy to understand when glancing through code. [Read More]

Freak FW/1 & DI/1 Bean Not Found Debugging Issue / Solution

So earlier today I was working on the back end for this blog; which runs on FW/1 and DI/1. I ran into an issue that set me back for a hot minute; mostly because the error was quite vague in regards and I also didn’t stress my debugging options as much as I could/should have (initially)! I was making updates to a service object handled by DI/1 for use in a controller and at one point, all of a sudden, the page using the service bombed on me consistently. [Read More]

A Look At How I Structured My Blog With FW/1

Note: This post is outdated based on how FW/1 and my structuring practices have evolved. While there may be some take-away from the article, I don’t consider this a solid FW/1 structure anymore. It’s been a hot minute since I last posted anything. Today I wanted to touch more on how I use Framework One with my blog; since my last post - SES URLs In FW/1 with Routes and Apache Mod_Rewrite. [Read More]

SES URLs In FW/1 With Routes & Mod_Rewrite

After switching my site’s overall architecture from Mango Blog to Framework One, some readers have shown interest in what I’ve done to build certain aspects and areas of the site’s structure. First of all, that’s pretty cool to me that people are interested at all so I’m down for explaining what I can about what I have done so far (there’s a lot still pieced together). In coming posts with this one I’ll be breaking down certain areas of my FW/1 structure and the logic I run with. [Read More]

This Blog Is Now Home Grown

For what it’s worth, “Home Grown” might not be the best phrase but all in all I have switched off of Mango Blog and settled for a bundled application I whipped up over the last 2 weeks. When I first truly started this blog back in April, I had intentions to go with a custom concept; however, between lack of time and no direction with how I was going to put it out, I lost drive and let it go. [Read More]

Cleaner FW/1 Subsystem URL With Apache Mod_Rewrite

This is more of a reference for myself but if anyone is as bad as I am at URL rewriting (and regex for that matter) then this could be of some help. I use Apache for my dev and production so naturally when I’m looking to do SES URLs I’m digging into mod_rewrite. In the most general of uses, I usually go searching for examples that relate to my given scenario; which is pretty straight forward as far as what I’m trying to do. [Read More]