Using MariaDB with Mango Blog

In one of my previous posts I went over connecting ColdFusion to MariaDB. This was my first hands on with MariaDB. Once I had things talking I went to test using MariaDB as the database to connect with Mango Blog. Initially, when switching, I was able to view the main pages - posts and the other content. I could log in to the admin as well; but upon trying to create a post or edit content, I would get a ColdFusion error regarding invalid MySQL syntax. [Read More]

Connecting ColdFusion to MariaDB

Today before work I figured I’d hook up ColdFusion with MariaDB for some future tests. I’ve heard good things regarding similarity to MySQL (since it’s a fork and all) and that the performance is better in some areas. As per the MariaDB site - “MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL”. More about it can be found on the about page. Getting things going was insanely simple which is always nice. [Read More]