Alright Let's Do This - Hello World!

April 19, 2013

It's finally happened! I have a functioning blog haha.

My name is Tony. Hi there! I'm a web developer living out of sunny Florida and over the years I have been quite fond of ColdFusion and web dev as a whole. While in recent times I've worked with other languages, CF still holds true to my heart as the first Server Side Language I learned and the main language I've used over the last 8 years. I also aspire in the culinary world. Basically, I cook during the day and code at night (hence "ColdFusion Chef"). Sometimes vice versa. Either way I'm doing the two things I absolutely love. The perfect pair.

While the site has been around since '09 it has shifted quite a bit. I've wanted for a long time to get a blog up and extend out to the online dev community; but from a mix of being busy, laziness and simply not being satisfied with a solution things haven't gone smooth. I spent a fair amount of time attempting a home grown option where I'd have a familiar amount of flexibility and control. I like to re-invent the wheel. It builds character right?

After starting and stopping from other projects taking priority and much unnecessary hair pulling I finally decided to pull down BlogCFC and Mango Blog and give them a shot. I like both in different ways but I ended up going with Mango which I will most likely blog more in depth on at a later time.

I plan/hope to post regularly on given topics (still working out design kinks too). I don't consider myself a pro or veteran but I code often as a hobby and hope to stir up some articles on this, that and the other.

Until then,