Article Roundup for ColdFusion 11 (Splendor - Public Beta)

February 25, 2014

List last updated on 2014/04/25

The Public Beta for ColdFusion 11 (Splendor) was released last Wednesday. Since then, the community has started digging into all it's worth; good, bad, weird... ;) There has already been a solid run of self-documentation of current workings as well as a handful of bug/update/feature requests. Some even already being marked to fix.

In the mass of things I wanted to put together a collective list of everyone's findings and posts relating to them. In turn, I hope for this list to be a fair temporary (perhaps longterm) source for those looking to dive into ColdFusion 11's beta phase. So take note: THESE ARTICLES ARE IN REFERENCE TO COLDFUSION 11 PUBLIC BETA.

Below is a list of said articles that I have hand picked off of Twitter and ColdFusion Bloggers. As new articles in relation come about, I will continue to add them and update the list. If you see something in the wild that's useful and not here, drop me a line.

I'd like to express my thanks to the authors of these articles and if for any reason you do not wish for your article to be listed here, let me know!


Posts by the Official Adobe ColdFusion Blog

With more and more posts from the ACF team, I've gone ahead and simply linked the ColdFusion 11 archive category to the related posts.

Posts by Raymond Camden

Posts by Brian Klass

Posts by Adam Cameron

Adam has quite a list of posts now so here's a link to his blog's ColdFusion 11 category.

Posts by Ben Nadel