Where's the TruthSeekers Blood Pledge?!

If you've made it here, you most likely followed an old relic of a link that went to truthseekersbp.com. While the Blood Pledge met its unfortunate demise back in 2012 when NCSoft West chose to pull the plug on our beloved Lineage, I have made sure to preserve what we all shared for over 6 years!


So where's the site then? Well, the site itself basically sat in maintenance mode on a server I rarely logged in to, but still paid the bills for. You see, there are cheaper alternatives these days for hosting, and since I was really just maintaining our photo gallery section of almost 500+ photos, I wanted to pull everything down, regroup, and get something more maintainable put in place.


This effort to move everything to such a platform is totally doable. However, my enemy is time. I'll get it all back in place though soon enough.


I'm not sure how many of the old crew actually still frequented the site, but I hope it brought back fond memories for those who did. Perhaps one day we can reunite in a Lineage world. Until then... All the best!


- Khalido